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Proper tools for replacing thermal fuses.

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Hi everyone,

axial leaded thermal fuses are usually crimped into a circuit in appliances coming from the factory. I do know that you can get away and solder them in if you're quick and maybe attach some large metal item as heat sink inbetween the lead and the fuse body. Still crimping seems to be the better option if you do not want to weaken a new fuse. Technically I guess you could use spade connectors but the preinstalled connectors usually seem to be crimped on both ends as opposed to spade terminals which are plugged on one end. Does anybody know what type of connectors are used by the manufacturers? Using search engines and the term "thermal fuse crimp connector" I get some hits for instance this one. But using the search term on mouser or digikey does not yield any results, do those connectors have a "proper" name, also is there a special crimping tool for those terminals? Obviously those ones would only work for one end if you don't want to permanently install the tool in circuit ;)

Cheers Traceless.

Just a random Amazon offer (probably dozens of other sellers):
The long "tubes" are the ones you need, wire goes in from both sides, crimp, done. For a thermo fuse, removing the plastic might be a really good idea, as that would likely melt, maybe replace by heatshrink.

Thanks for the work-around idea, I took another look around and after some time I think I actually found a viable alternative on Aliexpress that does not require to cut off insulation. Still not sure how those are actually called, unless "U-shaped Terminal Tab Cold Inserts Connectors Cold Terminal Small Teeth Fascia Terminal" is the actual official name for this type of crimp connectors ;)

Thermal fuses in transformers were always soldered IME. Crimping solid wire asks for failure by itself with connectors not designed for that like in posts above. Barely any connectors support solid wire and most of those rare exceptions are data connectors.

I quickly looked up some examples of how thermal fuses are often installed in tools/appliances see videos below. Maybe in some cases they are soldered but often they are not and for good reason IMO.



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