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Title: SOLVED :Query on what hard drive to use on HP Pavilion Dv2000 Entertainment PC ?
Post by: rfengg on June 17, 2019, 01:40:28 am
Dear All,

My younger son was gifted a HP Pavilion Dv2000 Entertainment PC DV2203AU by my dad and we lost the hard disk in an unfortunate accident. I would like to revive the unit due to its sentimental value but am stuck on deciding what hard disk to replace it with? Does anybody have the hard disk details of the original unit? The serial number of the laptop is 2CE7032MPF and it uses a AMD Turion 64*2 processor.


Can I buy a 240GB Kingston SSD  and install a licenced Windows 7 on it? The HP Pavilion dv2000 manual says it supports hard drives only from 160GB to 80GB.

I perhaps stupidly tried to boot this unit using a SATA to USB cable connected to a Windows 7 hard disk from another working HP laptop but it refuses to boot up. It goes to the Windows loading page and then I can see the blue screen for a sec and then the laptop repeats the whole process again.

Any help would be appreciated in getting this unit going again.
Title: Re: Query on what hard drive to use on HP Pavilion Dv2000 Entertainment PC DV2203AU?
Post by: coromonadalix on June 17, 2019, 11:29:22 am
If you try to boot an hhd from another pc, youll have an bsod,  the drive is not configured (drivers issues) for your pavillion

You can make a 2 partitions size hdd  120 gig each, boot on the first ... the other will be for storage use ??

Use another computer to  prepare the ssd (create / split / format / activate the primary partition) 
Check if you have bios updates who could break the partiton size ??

Title: Re: Query on what hard drive to use on HP Pavilion Dv2000 Entertainment PC DV2203AU?
Post by: LateLesley on June 17, 2019, 01:11:44 pm
You will be able to use almost any HDD which has the same connector as the old one. Looking at the specs, I believe you may have a SATA connector, so any SATA HDD or SSD should do. The only limitation I would put in place, is to not have a drive larger than 2TB, as older machnes can have problems seeing drives larger than this. The 240GB Kingston SSD should be fine, and probably help it be snappier than it was with an HDD.

The reason the other drive won't have booted via USB, is that you need special drivers to be able to do this built into an installation. It's unlikely the drive you used had USB boot time drivers installed, and it would fail half way through booting. Also, as coromonadalix intimated, the drivers installed on that drive for another laptop, may not have been the correct ones for the pavillion, so even if you install the drive inside, it may still bluescreen and/or not boot properly. Putting in a new drive, and doing a fresh install of windows, and any required drivers, would be the way to get it up and running as it should. Which drivers you need would depend on which version of windows you install, if you even choose to install Windows. There are other options out there too, I have an older laptop with linux mint installed.

TLDR -get the Kingson SSD, it should work fine. :-)
Title: SOLVED:Query on what hard drive to use on HP Pavilion Entertainment PC DV2203AU?
Post by: rfengg on July 18, 2019, 12:32:54 am
Well I finally decided to bite the bullet and bought a 120GB Kingston SSD for the laptop .

On a wing and a prayer, I installed Windows 7 and I was surprised to say the least........the installation went allmost flawlessly and the laptop is allmost back to perfect. :phew:

The laptop gets pretty hot though after 2 hrs and with a temp monitoring program , I could see the CPU temp was above 70 degrees step is to open up the laptop and give the fan a good cleaning with some new thermal paste for the CPU.

Thanks to everyone for their support. :-+ :-+ :-+