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RD6006 gone crazy


Hello guys,

I have two RD6006's operating for quite some time with no issues however one of them gone crazy 2 days ago. I was wondering if someone experienced similar symptoms. I have it configured to supply 12V and 1A output and as soon as I connect any load to it then output Voltage immediately drops to something like 8ish Volts and PCU goes to CC (constant current) mode. As soon as the load is removed the voltage (at least the redings on LCD) hikes up to something like 45-50V and slowly drops back to intended 12V. Any ideas please? Thank you!

and the current settings are ??  still 1 amp  or more ??

It's now fixed. The output fuse was blown. I would have expected to see 0V 0A reading in case of blown fuse but voila. It's now back to play.


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