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RE Technology RE-108 Signal Generator Repair Help Please


The repair manual with schematics is here:http://www.peel.dk/RE/

RE-108 Would not work when I went to use it the other day and I traced the problem to a dead 12volt power supply Problem
Traced it to shorted Tantalum capacitor in the Frequency divider II module which when replaced brought the signal generator back to life.
When first tested after rebirth there was no output below 1.0 MHz. In the Frequency divider II there was what looked to be a bad diode(glass looked smoked) It was CR9
on the schematic and so I replaced it. Now I have output below 1.0 MHz with the exception of 400 and 500 KHZ. I checked the input to the frequency divider II at J2 and I don't get inputs into Divider II when the signal generator is set to 700KHZ, 600KHz, 500KHZ and 400KHZ.
I do get out put at the main out put on 600KHZ and 700KHz but there is nothing coming out when on the 400KHz or 500KHz settings. I am stuck here as I am not intelligent enough to know where to look next. Any help would be appreciated.

Hard to follow your comments but seems to be an issue with the Divider I and maybe others.
Can you  draw on the diagram where you see and do not see signals ?
Divider I needs to  have a working divide by 10 section. That is the main suspect.

Check around the 1:10 path  Maybe dead divider chip or filter.

Very  strange issue . I thought maybe the Divider II is broken  but  all the frequencies you mention should be in the :16 leg.

700kHz and 600Khz are for sure :16
500khz needs to be coming from :16 as well.
400kHz could be from :16 or from :32

Maybe its capacitor C1 in the input  of Divider II stage. If the cap lost its connection or cracked it could be passing HF but not low frequency.


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