Author Topic: RCA Oscilliscope WO33A major damage  (Read 678 times)

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RCA Oscilliscope WO33A major damage
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:46:52 am »
  I got this and its a work of art from the 60s, except its cracked in 2. Its been dropped hard enough that the inertia of the mains transformer bent the back plate, and allowed trans. to hit the main bakelite type PCB and crack it right in 1/2 in a line across the middle. Also broke the leads off 2 1W resistors, and in another place and another crack that cracked 2 traces.

The traces on this PCB are of the tinned with solder type, and EVERY single trace that needs repair, its just a bunch of perfect pararllel lines, so thats easy.

The front panel has bent bent too. Hard enough to move the CRT back, bent the back plate aswell ???? Or was it all at the same time? The CRT is not connected to the front panel, so the backplate moving back, would pull the CRT back, but not the front panel into the case . A vac tube next to the CRT, at the front bell end, had all its 7 HEAVY pins bent to the the CRT hitting the glass of the tube, all that glass is STRONG. The socket looks fine tho.

The CRT bakelite connector is cracked, but the wires/pins are fine.

The CRT has a few little bits of white cermaic looking stuff, rolling around in it. I hope its not from somewhere critical inside it. CRTs can be built like akeen to Swiss watches (according to great old fashioned Tektronix video on making CRTs)

Other than that I bet it works, if the switches/caps/tubes do. Looks pretty clean inside.

Every trace and joint on that board needs checking though.

I have it mostly apart, so I can fix the chassis/plates/etc. Then just to glue the PCB and bridge 14+2 traces.

this vid is not me,
i should up load a few pic's of mine at a later time

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