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--- Quote from: jpirok on August 07, 2018, 04:25:02 pm ---I've been looking for the service manuals for the BK Precision 1590a.  I can find the schematic/parts manual and the owner's manual, but the service manual is very hard to find. (I do know that it exists though!)

I have gone through every website listed here and more. Any help is appreciated!

--- End quote ---

There is also a B&K 1570A which may be very close, or nearly identical, have you looked for that one, I think I once found that SM, it may have stated 1570A/1590A I don’t exactly recall.


I am given to understand the Kenwood/Trio CS–2100a Oscilloscope is electrically the same as the BK 1590A, and you can download a full 194 page S.M. for the Trio CS–2100A from Elektrotanya!

Chris Williams


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