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Confirmed, This is Hitachi V-1050 scope. Schematics match 100% and even the wire colors are the same. Maybe Hitachi made these and Yokogawa rebranded them? because the V-1050 has lots of resources online and seems quite well known.

Anyways, looks like its time to get wiring some crusty connectors...

I can't find the service manual or the schematics of the spectrum analyzer HAMEG HMS1000 (or Rohde & Schwarz HMS-X, it's the same device).
I have checked on most of the links listed here.

Thanks !

Artek has long been a good source for high quality scans of manuals. I ordered a download two weeks ago and it did not arrive so I called and was shocked to hear that Dave, the guy behind it has died over Easter. His wife, Linda, is trying to keep everything up but she was never shown through the operation of the web site. For now, do not expect to get downloads. She is fulfilling CD orders. She is hoping to get the downloads working but is not sure how long that will take. For now do not expect to get a download from them.  Just order CD's.


Forum below is repair and restoration of vintage audio hardware.  McIntosh solid state, Tube amps, parts, etc.  Need to register to post but guests can see everything.



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