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Try to measure the pot end to end. You should see typically around 50k ohms. If you see a sensible resistance from end to end (10k or more, but less than 100k) then the element is o.k.  Next put your meter between the high side of the pot and the wiper. As you 'increase' the volume pedal you should see decreasing resistance down to just a few ohms or less. I did have a guy with a volume pedal problem similar to yours. His pedal was actually good but he was feeding into a very low impedance (150 ohm microphone terminator) circuit and the pedal appeared dead except at max. Am I correct to assume this is a passive pedal with no batteries or external power supply like my Ernie Ball or ShoBud?

Thanks. This is actually a Pro Co Rat effects pedal that does take a 9V battery. This pot is for the volume (2 others for distortion and filter). I will try what you suggest but, as I can't get a reading between two points on the wiper track, I don't hold out much hope.


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