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Repair help; trying to identify hot and neutral

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No mention of brand or model yet?

sorry, its a onkyo tx-sr578

Probably the only fault is it is HDMI1.0 and they bought a new TV and BD player that needs a HDMI1.2 or higher switch. If you are going to use it for Audio only then there is no problem. They are pretty nice units, I have one that unfortunately has a dead amplifier on the one main channel, so it probably will soon be a teardown subject, as I have a few other audio amplifiers as well that are working perfectly.

According to CNET though, it has HDMI 1.4a? http://www.cnet.com.au/onkyo-tx-sr578-339309196.htm

Not really a big deal anyway as I just listen to music.

It's pretty standard practice to "Ensure that equipment being disposed of cannot be re-used", ie. cut the plug off.

Doesn't stop anyone with more than three brain cells.


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