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Repair help; trying to identify hot and neutral

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Damaged HDMI sockets (customer forcing on an angle as they plug in around the back) and blown HDMI ports (never sure how) are reasonable common.

Forgive me for my OT, but I am really curious about why you need to know wich wire is the live and wich is the neutral: in many european countries (expecially in Italy) main sockets can be plugged without worrying about the position of the plug (you can insert the plug also upsidedown, so with the live of the device in the neutral of the socket), while in USA or other countries sockets has an unique insertion way.

Of course the device can work without caring about the live and the neutral position (many devices are the same sold in USA and Europe), but since you're asking this I guess there is an important reason behind. What's this reason? Maybe this is important because you're referring to an AUDIO amplifier?


You may be able to "Ohm out" the wiring to chassis. The "hot" side should have infinite or nearly so resistance to chassis.
 I have found two issues if this polarity is reversed. 1 is an annoying 50/60 Hz hum at the output, 2 if an electric guitar is plugged into it a noticeable electric shock will be felt at the strings (if steel).


--- Quote from: GEuser on September 29, 2013, 03:47:33 pm ---http://www.docstoc.com/docs/110243318/The-MEN-System-of-Earthing

--- End quote ---

Very interesting. I wonder why we don't use that system here.


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