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Hi all.

I have an Anritsu SiteMaster S332D that had been in the wars!

After replacing the cracked screen and missing battery, it also fails the self test with "Integrator Failed" error which has me stuck.

I contacted Anritsu and they wanted lots of money (many £100s) just to look at it so I politely declined.

Does anybody have any experience with these and can give me some pointers where I could look? The spectrum Analyser function seems to work OK but I was really hoping to use it for testing a 2.4ghz patch antenna.

edit: I realise this probably means that somebody has injected high RF into the device at some point!


Phil Taylor

I will help you.

Can you open the case and take a picture of the area where the input coax terminates to the PCB? Also, if you can follow the incident path to the first stage amp and tell me the chip marking.

Great, thanks for your reply. The RF input enters the main PCB underneath a large metal can which covers both the front and back of the PCB. I have removed the can and this is what was beneath it (from both sides).


The previous pictures are of the RF output section (marked RF Out / Reflection on the socket). As the spectrum analyzer part of the unit seems to work OK I thought that the input was OK? What do you think.

I have removed the (gold coloured) can from the input section and a pic of this is attached.



What is the main board number and rev? They look a bit different. The spa board should be fine.

Usually when these are overpowered, like plugging into a powered cell station, the area below the ferrite beads is charred. I did not see signs of burning there. The amp was sensitive to static - so that could get zapped when connecting an antenna.


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