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Repair of Ryobi BCL14181H Li-Ion charger

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At this time I removed primary side CF1 and RF1. Cleaned the board and will install new parts. Also replacing rusted link above them.

Removed ZD and fuse. Cleaned and will be getting new parts also. (ZD broke before removing so even if good it had to go :-) )

Optocouples for sure is gone. All connections cleaned for new one to be installed.

Charger was made in 44 week of 2015

Information from package diode is as follows
PJA1524  B7
9863 (or 9663)
I will try measuring it and worst case scenario replace it too. No oxidation on that area.

Thanks Amir. The BYQ28E-200 is a 200V 10Amp dual common cathode diode. Definitely a better option than the two discrete 5A diodes that were originally in my version. And the heatsink is an improvement too.

Personally I still prefer the MBR20200CT as it is a schottky diode with a lower voltage drop and so a lower power dissipation but the BYQ28E-200 is still a good choice.

It has been pointed out to me that I had incorrectly listed the replacement I used for Q2 (P-Ch MOSFET 9565) as IRFR5303 when in fact it is IRFR5305. I have edited the 2 posts where the incorrect number was used.

There was also a question about the value of C4 (I assume used for transient suppression across the rectifier diodes). The print was quite faint on the two units I have looked at but I believe it is a 470pF 1KV ceramic capacitor. The marking is 471 which is code for 470pF. The attached photo is the best I can do without removing it but I'd be happy if anyone can confirm the markings.

Replaced oxidized parts. In electronic store they did not have 82kOhm resistor (installed 100k instead) and capacitor - they had ceramic)
Voltage on charging points is now 16 v and 3.9 with middle connector.
Charger now blinks red in stand by.
I will obtain correct replacement parts and verify again.
@GraemeG - when I get it back I will provide image of the capacitor in question.


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