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repair: TCA-1MEG and P7260 and P7380 firmware


Hello i want to start a new topic here about repairing a couple of tek probes.

i am convinced as we can bundle power here, we can work out lots of failed probes in future and get them to life.
and also when you ever have a broken probe you can get info of all kind here. remember it can overcome your probe also !!

to start with is firmware content and or test software for one of these Tekconnect probes TCA-1MEG and P7260 and P7380.
who can post an earlier made reverse schematics from one of these P7260 or P7380

a content export from the 24C16WP from the TCA-1MEG would still be very welcome.

refering to some earlier links:


all sort of usable info is welcome:  for example are probes like P7260 ( 6Ghz Active Voltage TekConnect Probe) and  P7380 ( 8Ghz Z-Active Differential TekConnect Probe) recognised by the a TDS7404 scope or not. Maybe because of limitations of some kind. Perhaps somebody with a working P7380 and/or P7260 is willing to post a screenshot of a test  on there TDS7000 series and post the output here?
as i wil post a no working TCA-1MEG


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