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Repairing a modern LED house light?

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Has anyone attempted to dismantle, repair and reassemble one of the new generation of brand name LED lights?
I purchased a 6W "Osram parathon CL A 25" which died after only 2 months of use, so presumably the power supply circuitry has failed. No smoke or bang, it just stopped working.

There things aren't exactly cheap so I would like to attempt a repair, although it isn't obvious how you pull it apart without destroying it. It's a 4 piece construction - semi-transparent dome which appears to be glass or some kind of hard plastic, a metal heatsink (aluminium or zinc?), a plastic ring then the contact assembly with screw thread.

It's a 240V bulb so the repair and reassembly will need to be done with safety in mind. If that is too difficult, then I'll convert it for use with 12v.


This page at least shows what's inside http://slenderloris.synthasite.com/parathom.php

Sadly it doesn't have any pics that show how it comes apart.

Here's a pic of similar bulb which perhaps suggests that the dome pulls off somehow.
On mine there's no room to put a screwdriver or wedge between the dome and the heatsink.

It is a potted assembly, and you sadly will find it hard to take apart. the ES base can come off to expose half the power board, but they were never designed to come apart.

It died after 2 months of use - it should be still under warranty so take it back to the shop and get a refund or replacement!

Don't bother to faff around repairing the thing!


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