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Reparare osciloscop KIKUSUI 555 ;tilt of the trace

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First of all, I want to apologize for my English, mostly through google translate.
I have no experience at all in repairing oscilloscopes, so I have a lot of experience in the opinion of some specialists.
It is about an old oscilloscope, KIKUSUI 555, hybrid, transistors-lamps, which I received and which I managed to put into operation with the help of clay1905 who is active on this forum and who put me at he provided the electrical diagrams, for which I thank him very much once again.
There is still one problem to be solved. The signal trace is inclined to the horizontal and does not line up with the measurement grid. I am adding a picture.
The trace remains in a straight line in any position, up, center or down, but inclined at about 10 degrees. The CTR is 5UP1F or 5UP7F (from the operating manual). I did not remove the tube from its support to rotate it until I run out all electrical trace rotation attempts.
I really need a professional advice on what I could do to align the trace horizontally with the measuring grid.
Please, can someone help me?
Thank you in advance
If you need the electrical diagrams, please let me know!

CRT clamp can be adjusted and tube rotated in most scopes like this

With those older scopes, you can often turn the graticule by a few degrees to be in line with the trace, but as Grandchuck says, you may have to loosen the CRT clamp, turn the CRT so the trace is horizontal, and then tighten the clamp. Be careful.

More modern scopes have a trace rotate control, so you can adjust the trace from the front panel with a screwdriver.

yep  rotate the tube to fit the graticule,  unless   if you have the service manual,  you do have an rotate  adjustment

Find out if the scope has an electrical adjustment called TRACE ROTATION. If so, try adjusting it. The associated circuit may have a bad resistor. If there is no electrical rotation adjustment you will need to physically rotate the C.R.T. by loosening one or more clamps. Be careful since the C.R.T. has high voltage on several of its connections. By all means DO NOT break the glass C.R.T. when physically adjusting it.


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