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Replace resistor in UNI-T UT30C

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My UNI-T UT30C multimeter is malfunctioning so I opened it and there is a burnt resistor. I can only see brown and gold but not the two middle colors. Is there a way to find which resistor it is, or anyone knows which one?
I found this article at https://www.circuitsonline.net/artikelen/view/49/2
and it's similar to mine https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:UT30C.JPG
Can I replace it with that resistor?
I attached some photos.

It's obviously not identical but would appear quite close so likely the same or similar value. Looks like 1k from the other unit? You can't see any red (i.e. brown black red gold) on the burnt one?

I have the UT-30B version. The internals are not identical to any of the photos posted above.  It does have SMD resistors.  It has an R15 with one end connected to the V/OHM jack and one end of the fuse.  Bands are brown, black, black, red and blue which is 10k 0.25% and it does indeed measure 9.98k using another cheap meter.  So I doubt the burnt one was 1k.

Hi. Thank you for replying.
No, I can't see the other colors because it is burnt all around. I can't confirm if it's black or brown or any other color, sorry.
My meter and the one I mentioned are the same model (the red part is just a cover), have exactly the same functions if you look closer, and the resistor connects  the middle "VRmACÂș" pole to a point on the selection wheel, see attached photos.

What's the worst that could happen if I replace it with the resistor from the circuits online one?

I know this is a low end device but I have it for more than 15 years and I would not like to throw in the the trash just because of a burnt resistor.

Edit: just to add that the meter works fine except it does not read correctly.

Hi wasedadoc. Thank you for replying.
This burnt resistor is the R16 see attached photo.


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