Author Topic: replacing bad ADJ pot on UDB1000 DDS function generator  (Read 1590 times)

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replacing bad ADJ pot on UDB1000 DDS function generator
« on: September 14, 2014, 09:36:31 am »
The ADJ pot on my little UDB1000 DDS function generator is really scratchy and is unreliable.

It looks like one of the outside legs is connected to the wiper and the other isn't. If I measure it I get 1K so I'm assuming it's a 102 even though it doesn't look like it's labeled at all.

I rarely unsolder stuff other than to salvage parts from old dead electronics. If I carefully remove this little pot (I'm afraid the two tabs connected to ground might be difficult) can I replace it with a full sized 1K pot connected with wires instead of replacing it with another one of those tiny trimpots. I have some pots that are exactly the same type but I don't have anything smaller than a 103 so my only alternative is to use a full sized 1K pot.

OR, what if I use one of my little 10K pots that should fit fine on the board and put 1.1K of resistance across it to give me a non-linear 1K pot?

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