Author Topic: Rigol DG4000 power rails failure and firmware bricked  (Read 860 times)

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Rigol DG4000 power rails failure and firmware bricked
« on: November 23, 2016, 03:38:44 am »

I own a Rigol DG4162 and I am very happy with the device - except for a few software things I don't like...
However, a few days back I turned it on after not using it for a few weeks (maybe month) and it hang during boot process. The GUI was fully loaded but I was not able to do anything. I unplugged it and tryed it again, it hang again during boot at some other point. I tried this a few times, however it hang at different points in the boot process.
Well, I assumed an hardware fault, because a software issue would probably not be that random. Nevertheless I updated the bootloader and the DSP firmware according to the instructions. I had to reboot it several times after it did not finished after half an hour. Doing that obviously bricked it. Then it just turned all LEDs on when I hit the power button and nothing else happens. I cannot bring it into the mode to update the firmware any more (pressing the Help button at boot up). So my first question: Can I somehow recover the firmware?
Now the second problem: I assumed a hardware fault from the beginning. So after I software-bricking it, I took it apart and did a few tests. Visual inspection is ok. But there are two voltage test points which are not ok. The 1.5V rail has 3.3V and the 9.9V rail (something for/from the display) also has 3.3V. Well, I focused on the 1.5V rail first, as I could not find the source for the 9.9V rail and this might be due to the broken firmware (backlight stuff). The 1.5V regulator is quite strange, I attached an image of the circuit and a schematic I reverse engineered. What kind of regulator is that with the feed-back network at the input? The only thing I can image is an emitter follower. Theoretically it might be possible that this is actually a regulator from 1.5V to something lower but then the labeling would be very confusing, I don't know where the 1.5V are coming from, there is no test point for the output and there would have to be a short between the output and 3.3V.
Next thing I did was removing the regulator and this changed nothing. There is still a resistance of ~10R between 1.5V and 3.3V (both polarities).
Is there any one who had a simular fault? Or any other idea how to track that down or even fix it?
Rigol offered me to replace the mainboard for 520€ and/or the power supply for 270€ - I am out of warranty :-(

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Re: Rigol DG4000 power rails failure and firmware bricked
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2017, 03:43:16 am »
I have same problem, brick after update firmware
Did you find solution how to repair firmware

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