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Rigol DS4024 Repair
« on: February 07, 2020, 05:02:42 pm »
I have a DS4024 that seems to have shit the bed for the 2nd time, the first time it was covered under warranty but now the cost to repair exceeds purchasing a MSO5000, which i went and bought but it would seem a shame to throw this otherwise decent scope away. 

basically what took it out was a power flicker on the mains, scope shut off and never turned back on which is exactly what happened before. on opening it up I saw a there a P channel mosfet FDS4435A that was burned up, I bought a replacement part but unfortunately that didn't fix it as the drain side was shorted to ground.  I tried to isolate the short as the powerplane branches off into different sections with large coil inductors between each plane but lost it as it went into what i assume is an inner layer close to where I think is the power regulator portion of the display. 

anyways I was hoping someone on this forum may have gone through this and could provide some insight, I tried but couldn't find and photos of the other side of the main board to see what kind of circuitry was behind the screen, and didn't have the heart to remove the panel label unless I knew i absolute had to.  Ive attached a photo of where I lost the short, you can see that large power plane go into those large coil inductors, I removed them and then traced it to those smaller inductors where I then lost it.  I'll post some high quality shots tonight of the LCD regulator section. 


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