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Rohde & Schwarz FSEA30 tracking generator option suddenly gone..


Hi friends

I have a Rohde & Schwarz FSEA30, very happy with it allthough I hardly used it due to the fact I also own some other spectrum analyzers which are less bulky and heavy for quick test.

Last weekend I wanted to use my tracking generator on my FSEA but for some reason the option in the menu is gone.... allthough the hardware naturaly is still in....

The only warning I noticed when starting up was: date might be incorrect.
To be noticed I have not used it over a longer period, maybe even over a year, so would there be an internal tracking generator power part i could look at?

Does anyone have a clue where to look? The unit has been standing on the same position over multiple years so I do not expect one of the cables suddenly went looose.


Maybe the internal battery is dead, causing it to no longer detect the FSEA30 options properly. Your wrong time and date does indicate the battery is dead.
First have you checked in the spectrum, its reading the model and serial number correctly? Cause when the battery dies it tends to go haywire, usually the model number default to FSEM or FSEB.
In my case my FSEM30 was detected as FSEA30, It basically went from 26.5 GHz version of a tiger to a 3 GHz house cat.

Lets check first if its detecting the model properly, also do check the back of instrument to see if they are stickers with the option codes.
See sample below, picture taken from ebay  >:D

Good Luck


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