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samson S3 Crossover schematic needed,

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I have a Samson S3 2/3/4 way crossover that is malfunctioning. The mode selector switch seems inactive
and the mode LED's don't light or change with the switch. The unit is excessively hard to reverse engineer
but I am thinking the problem may be simple in the steering logic. I doubt the mode switch is bad although
I haven't tested it yet. The unit worked well and was behind a locked panel so it isn't physically damaged.
One day it just didn't work anymore. Thanks!!!

Hi, did you ever find a schematic? I have the same problem here. Thanks.

I actually talked to a guy that was part of the original design team. He sent me the schematics and assured me the multi function selector switch was bad. It was a real P.I.T.A. to get the switch out but I did it. I took the switch apart and sure enough the two microscopic plastic bits that hold the wiper in place were sheared off and the wiper did not move with the shaft. The part number on the switch is still good and I think Mouser has them in stock. I chose to repair mine by melting a bit of the plastic and a tiny dab of super glue. Mine is working perfectly now but I keep it set for 4way-low so the switch isn't seeing any real use. It would probably break again if it got switched often. I love this unit and it has the limiter feature not found in most crossovers. It also 'looks cool' in my F.O.H. amplifier rack. Cheers!!

Welcome Caption ! I got a 3-way who has seen a lot in his life. Among other things, it had a similar problem with the mode switch. I fixed it the same way you did by soldering the plate to the shaft a little.  The selector began to work, but there are still a couple of problems, one of which I have already solved, but there is still a problem with the operation of the left channel.
Could you share the schematic that you have? Otherwise, I will have to sketch and understand the device for a very long time. The layout of the crossover is very compact, and to be honest, it's not entirely clear to me why it was needed in such a large case.
I really hope for your help, thank you!
I apologize for the spelling syllable, I am writing through a translator.

Just came to say that  I have the same symptoms on my s3way.  Not fixed just yet but hopefully just the switch.


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