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I have  a Samsung 216BW Monitor which the screen turns off after 2 or 3 seconds after being turned on. Monitor is powered, but the screen goes black. I turned it off and back on again... same thing screen goes black after 2 or 3 seconds.

I was thinking it appeared to be an issue with the Capacitors on the power board; so I replaced each of the 9 Cap's on the power board. Power Board model: IP-43130A. After replacing the Cap's there is no change with the monitor.

Would you have a suggestion to what else I could check/replace?



If one of the fluorescent tubes (there's probably 4, in two pairs of 2)  is bad or one of the wires going to it is loose (wire can desolder due to heat and electric arch) then the circuit powering the lamps will stop everything for protection.

Grab a flashlight and start the monitor, get the flashlight very close to the screen. If you see some image on the screen in those 2-3 seconds then the backlight circuit is a problem, not the power supply. Carefully inspect the wires going to the fluorescent tubes (top and bottom) on the panel.  See if one is loose or burnt up.

A fluorescent tube is bad if it becomes yellowish, or pink or has black spots at the ends. This is relatively rare, so if the power supply is good, loose wires is a good bet.  Less often, it's a faulty mosfet or broken transformer in that inverter circuit that powers the fluorescent tubes.

Be careful, don't play with the fluorescent wires while monitor is plugged in, there's 700-1500v going to those tubes and it can shock you (or kill you).

Check secondary winding of both transformers. Resistance must be around 1k ohm.


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