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Samsung Laser Printer HVPS (High Voltae Power Supply) board repair


Hi friends,
One of my friend is having a Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer, which was working fine suddenly the printer software (Smart panel) on the computer started showing "Door Open"  Error, he tried reopening and closing the front door & rear door it didn't work, then tried different cartridge, connected to different computer, it still did not work, then he showed the printer to some Computer repair shops, they said the Printer HVPS (High Voltae Power Supply) board is faulty and the company has discontinued the product and the spares are costly.
He was about to scrap the printer away so I bought the printer from him.
I checked the printer by connecting it to my computer, it was giving me the same problem. I opened the printer's HVPS board to check if it was burnt, it was clean. Here is the photo of the HVPS board
There is no model number or anything on the board, only mentiones it as "PLOVER HVPS Rev 1.1"

I checked the continuity of the switches (red circled) as shown in the photo below.

I desoldered both the switches and checked the continuity, they were working fine. I also taped both the connectors and reconnected the card on the printer but it was still showing the Door Open error. So I figured it has some faulty components on the board.

My question now is, can the HVPS board be repaired as getting a new board is costing half the price of printer.

PS - The photos of the HVPS board are from the internet as I didn't have my digital camera with me and the photos from my cell phone were not clear.

If you trace where the tracks on the switches go I bet they run directly to the connector so it's not related to any other components on the board.

Are you sure both switches are getting actuated when the door is closed?


--- Quote ---Are you sure both switches are getting actuated when the door is closed?
--- End quote ---
I had put tape on both the switches (in red circle) and closed them even then it was showing door open..


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