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Samsung S3 sudden death

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Hi all,

I'm by no means any good with electronics to this level and could do with some help!

My wife's Samsung s3 suffered what is termed as 'sudden death syndrome' I.E. it's dead, wont charge wont power up, nada! Its an easy fix to swap out the main board and bring it back to life... BUT.... that means losing the memory chip..... Which contains the video of bringing my son home from the hospital when he was born and meeting the family for the first time!!!!!!

I don't care about the phone, long since upgraded. I spoke directly with Samsung and they couldn't help.

Can somebody point me in the right direction of someone, somewhere who has the skills to either pull the data of the memory, or let me know to just give up?

Thanks in advance


Are you sure the phone itself is dead and it's not a faulty usb (charging) issue or just a plain dead (instant blew up) battery?

Have you tried another battery?
Have you tried another charger? (is the LED lit with charger connected?)

Unfortunately, you didn't made a backup of your internal SD memory. It's a tiny onboard SMD chip so it will
be hell to power the IC and tap the information out of it without the use of the phone's motherboard itself! :(

I guess you need to look for a respectable data-recovery service.


If it was me I'd try to power the motherboard directly.......and if still no joy would buy another working S3 and move the memory ic across.

Hope you are successful.


Thanks for the replies.

It is sadly totally dead, swapping batteries etc doesn't help. and I believe its a known issue with a certain firmware version.

Ianj, I like the idea of swapping the memory from one board to another and do have a donor s3 I'd sacrifice to the cause. Would you (or anyone for that matter) happen to know of any company that could do this for me? Like I say, this is a bit beyond my skills and I wouldn't have the tools necessary.

Thanks all.


if the content is really important, then get yourself a working S3 (same HW revision - but probably there's only one revision) and swap the flash chips. (smd rework gear and skills are a MUST for this).


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