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Hi I got a Samsung ps43d490-a1w  The tv just blinks the red led when I switch on the power. I cant find a schematic on this set so I am stuck. How do I find out what board is the problem. |O

Open it up, measure voltages, inspect components (see if there's bloated capacitors), see what happens when you push buttons (does the psu get out of stand-by?)

Check linear regulators on the boards, sometimes they fail...

Some Samsung tvs also have problems with corrupt eeprom chips... can't help you there though.

X-main board 99% of time. Currently nonserviceable (replace board only) due to unknown failure cause.
When replacing X-main also replace Y-main and update TV firmware (bug in firmware kills X-main board.)
X-main responsible for common electrode of plasma display.

ok thanks

is it possible to rule out the power supply


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