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Sceptre Monitor $3 Re-Cap
« on: July 08, 2017, 01:35:32 am »

I wanted to post my success at repairing a Sceptre Monitor and PC that was dumped on me.

The computer and monitor were both messed up. The VGA port on the computer motherboard was loose and jiggling too much, and the monitor was not getting any signal. So needed to diagnose whether it was the computer, monitor, cable or something else.

First step... plug the computer into a known good monitor... Didn't work. So I installed a PCI VGA-card so it bypasses the jiggly on-motherboard VGA port, and voila! It worked fine. So one problem solved. Computer works but need to use the PCI VGA board as the motherboard VGA port must have some broken contacts.

Second step... the Sceptre monitor (made circa 2006).

The monitor was turning on but was seeing no VGA signal, even after plugging into a regular known good computer (or the repaired VGA PCI-card above which was confirmed working on another good monitor). The power light was flicking kind of on/off, sometimes turning red, sometimes blue (to indicate it is getting an image) yet nothing was happening. I do not believe anything showed up on the screen.... not even a warning saying "no input".

Opened it up... Pried with a flat-head screwdriver around the edges (held by tabs basically all around the frame).  Thankfully I could get to the power supply board easily. Found a bunch of bloated caps (see photo - the ones with red arrow) and replaced them all. Didn't see a need to change anything else at this point.

Plugged it in, and it worked! As Dave would say... Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  :-+

Next will be to wipe the computer (Windows Vista) and put Ubuntu on it, and I'll have a good machine for the kids or to donate to a nearby school!

I noticed these days some monitors are made almost impossible to fix. I had a BenQ only 4-5 years old that died on me and it was impossible to take apart and fix. Everything was glued together or wrapped up in silver foil in layers upon layers with no screws. Horrible! Anyone else finding this is the case?

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