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Scored a broken Fluke 8800A - Repair attempt

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Got a Fluke 8800A for 50$ on an local auction site. The unit was sold as broken for parts, but maybe its something easy to fix.

At first inspection i notice the sense input jacks a broken off and that something is loose inside the unit. So before i power it on I do as Dave does and take it apart. Because of the risk that the loose thing maybe will damage the unit.

It turns out that the loose think was a 0.05uF 1kV disk cap (see picture). I have not checked the schematics yet but guessing it's for the input protection.

Everything else seems to be on place inside the unit at a quick inspection  so I tried to power it up - and it powers on but as expected the reading is off.

***To be continued

Checked the manual for the 8800A and found the location of the loose cap. Its C1 on the AC converter PCB. Did not have anything good at home as replacement for this cap. But placed an order on Ebay for a substitute and hopefully this will fix the bad reading issue.

If any one have a suggestion for a good substitute for the broken sense input jacks please let me know.

***To be continued.

The instrument will (should) work without the AC-converter.

Just needs calibration?  :bullshit:


--- Quote from: MCCSolutions on September 19, 2014, 07:26:09 pm ---Just needs calibration?  :bullshit:

--- End quote ---

Nope, somethings wrong with the unit.
I have gone through the error checking guide in the manual and I think a found a problem. Diode CR10 on the main board measure 0.5V in both directions.
This diode is an MDR300 forward reference diode. However I have not been able to find an replacement diode on the web yet.
If anyone out there know an available replacement diode please let me know. 


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