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Sencore LC102 Capacitor Analyzer: Need Help With Incorrect Measurements

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Ok, points taken.  Thanks for your help anyway.  Ill carry on. 

My thoughts too, that's why i kinda retracted myself too

And sadly   you play with your posted threads, you change them many times, title changes,    etc ...  i have to go back to follow you ...

And yes  i think you may create more problems than solution ??


Sorry for my lack of clarity, fixing electronics is obviously not my day job but I do enjoy it and have learned a lot here.  I thought I was making my thread easier to follow but obviously not!

R158 potentiometer was open/faulty, I'm near certain that this has been the case this whole time.  I have no idea why I was getting the readings I did earlier (80ma), or why it behaved the way it did after swapping LM317.  After replacing the open pot now I get reasonable readings in the 2-2000uf range where I never did before in the time I have owned it.

Thanks everyone for your patience and time. 



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