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Siglent SDG1025 Self-Cal Failure



This is my first time posting on this forum!
I tried to run a self-adjust procedure on my Siglent SDG1025 Waveform Generator, and after it was done I found that the device stopped working correctly. When I turn on any of the 2 channels it looks as if they were "saturated", and if I change the voltage reference it modifies the level of that saturation but the signal never has the expected waveform.

And to make things even worse, I later found that my serial number was like "erased" during the process, because now it says "sdg000", while it should be like 14 digits long.

It seems as if I had lost all the configuration files or something like that. I wanted to know if this has ever happened to any of you, because I would really appreciate avoiding having to send it to Siglent.

I'll leave you a picture of the screen, where it shows the serial number problem.

I would really appreciate any piece of advice you can offer!

Thanks in advance!


Santi, I will point Siglent China to you post.
Add your country flag to your profile.

Thank you tautech, i appreciate your help.
Hope to have any answer from them.


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