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Siglent spd3303x-e reboot problem

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About a week ago my spd3303x-e started to get the problem where it re-boots (every 5 minutes or so - in the garage just before where it was very cold I think maybe 15 minutes.  I looked on the forum and found that one suspect is the overheating bridge rectifier.  I looked inside tonight and see that my device must be an updated unit as there's a heatsink on the bridge.  I started measuring some temperaturs and the bridge gets to about 30 but there's a couple of diodes that get to 40.  (measuring with a fairly cheap infra-red thermometer so not sure how accurate). My question is has anyone found that these diodes overheat and cause the same issue?  Is 30 - 40 degrees C too hot?  Just looked at datasheet for 1a diodes and this is not hot.  Then again the cool parts of the board were about 10 degrees C.

Yeah I just checked and these temperatures aren't high.  Will need to check in another way as I don't trust how I measured.  Wondering if anyone else has found a cause for this re-boot problem.           

I think I may have found an answer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uhE6i6VGSs.  Apparently another person has a unit with the new heatsink and still gets the issue as I am.

Thanks for any help

Ok yeah if I put small fan on the area where the bridge rectifier is then no reboot so the issue is in the part of the board. It's also when the outputs are on as then that part is powering some relay coils. As per YouTube video I linked.

There Siglent, fixed it for you (I hope)...


--- Quote from: qpit3a on May 28, 2023, 07:03:06 am ---There Siglent, fixed it for you

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Sorry late to the party and yes that will fix it.  :clap:

I've only seen the one do this continual reboot, a unit just a few days old that we immediately replaced.
It's the small circular diode bridge failure < replace it = fixed.
For years they used these little circular bridges and seem to not have given any trouble until recently however now I believe a HW mod has upgraded to a better bridge from one of these little critters.

Liking the chunky replacement you did.  :-+

Others that find this, within 3 years of purchase it's a warranty issue.

I gave up on the warranty - the Australian distributor I bought from weren't interested in me I think - not a corporate customer.  In any case I had the bits on hand so easy to fix.  Am a little worried that the caps have cooked a bit and they're going to have reduced life.  Was going to  use a 25 Amp bridge but ddidn't think it would fit... Sort of like that's not a bridge this is a bridge...


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