Author Topic: SOAR MS-6022 Oscilloscope Repair - Can't find Service Manual (nothing, really)  (Read 660 times)

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First post here.
Bought a Tek 2225 (inspired by Dave's video) and it seems to need repair, because the signals are all convoluted and I can't seem to find the problem.
Today I thought it would be nice to have another oscilloscope to use as a reference.
Then I talked to some people here where I study and soon enough I got a very old and dirty oscilloscope from some very dark room baaaaack there. I also got a tour from the power supply facility, what was awesome! :)

Well, thing is, this oscilloscope is really bad, the signal is all weird and stuff.

Then I took it apart.

Then I remembered: well I could die, better discharge the dischargeable stuff.

But googling the oscilloscope model, I could not find the service manual, even the manual, really, only this ad:

Does anybody know a place I could search for the service manual for the oscilloscope?


Attached some pictures of it :)

P.S.: After some minutes on, some white smoke appearde, so I turned it off

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update: googling for some part number on the power supply board I found a pdf and... tadaaa: it seems to be the same (with different model name)
edit: the link, if someone need it:

tomorrow I am going to investigate it further

feeling of the moment: will I be able to re assembly it?

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