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Soldering stranded wire to a flat surface?

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I have a powerstrip that needs fixing. Instead of using a decent mechanism to grip the wires, the stranded wire end was pressed in a metallic tube, and that was, maybe, brazed:

What's a good way to reattach a stranded wire to that flat golden strip?

Is the metallic clamp on the wire end supposed to help with solderability, or is it just to clamp the strands?

Looks like the original method was to crimp the wire in a ferrule and then use a spot welder to weld the brass tube to the brass strip. Without acess to a spot welder the only method that will work is to use either a brazed joint or silver solder, as a soft soldered joint ( plumbers solder or ant electronics solder) will fatigue loose with time. There you need a hard solder joint for reliable life.

Best is to throw it away ( or scrap for the brass content as well) if you do not have brazing rod and flux, or silver solder rods, either self fluxing ( used for airconditioning) or with a flux coating. There you need a gas torch to provide the heat, as no soldering iron will get that hot, except possibly for the big 300W soldering guns with massive tips.

Drill a hole in the strip, attach a solder tag to the wire and then attach to the strip with a short machine screw.

Do not use a self tapping screw though, use a brass screw, star washer and a nut. A self tapping one will come loose with time and arc.

I once had a problem similar, i did got it fixed by dremel drilling a small hole in the broken point, about the size of the wire, tinning it and inserting the wire. Soldering at high heat.
To this day it is still working and its been 4years fixed.
Good Luck on the repair project. :-+


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