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Re: Soldering Trouble.
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If you're salvaging the IC in [CER]DIP package cut the pins close to the PCB and later solder to the "stumps" left on the package. If you're fixing a board cut the IC pins close to the package and then heat them up and pull from PCB one by one.

For salvaging parts a heat gun works well also. For best results, practice on PC power supplies before pulling parts from multi-layer PCBs and do it outside.

Yep, that's what I do occasionally if I need to get it off the board, but still needs to be reused as it's an odd part, and solder leg to leg.

What you can do in a pinch is snip all the legs off the existing chip near the body so they remain in the PCB, trim down the legs on the replacement and solder leg to leg. It's not all that tidy, but it'll work.

The other idea to remove a component with basic tools is to desolder each leg with solder braid, and then just flick the leg as it is cooling down to make sure it is free. There should just be enough room to wiggle it a little so you can be sure there's nothing left sticking it.
It's a long job, but you should be able to save the chip and use minimal heating.

I did see a DIP desoldering tool that was a set of wide heated tongs so you can pinch all the legs at once, but they aren't going to be cheap.

You can see some of the wide sets at the back, one for each side of some heated tweezers, but even the biggest looks to be for 28/32 pin DILs, some of the old processors could be far bigger.

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