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SOMMER 200 Twist Short Circuit

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Last sunday I woke to not having any lights at home. After some investigation I found that the cause was the controller for my garage door.
After some visual inspection I've found some corrosion(1) and a burn mark (2). The most probable culpright seems to be the burn. There was some gunk over it that I think was some insect that crawled over the PCB and got zapped.

I'm a begginer at electronics and able to do some basic repairs but this is the first time I have a burned pcb on my hands. Is this reparable or the burn killed the board?
This board is still at sale on the manufacturer's site by about 200€ (Part Number: 2259V000).

Thanks for reading

I don’t think that an insect can burn so hot that it will burn the whole PCB. Especially if the burn mark doesn’t seem to be between two solder joints – at least as far I can identify on the picture. I would unsolder the 3 capacitors (X- and Y capacitors) and check if they started to burn. The one marked with 2 is suspiciously close to the burn mark.

Looks like moisture related damage. Corrosion at number 1 on the picture, which appears to be on the low voltage side. At number 2, looks like carbon tracking possibly also a result of moisture on the board. Make sure to clean off all of the black carbon.

Is the fuse under the green cover on the far left popped?

Overall looks quite repairable, fairly minor damage (visually anyways).

But definitely investigate how water is getting into the enclosure!

hi, seems easily repairable, being a beginner try to remove all 220V parts (I mean the caps/ptc from the burnt area) and check them, you may got a trace gone in magic smoke, you may miss it. try to replace the caps if dead
of course clean with some acetone or alcohol the pcb on bottom side at least

Pointer 2 looks to me more like a trace vaporized due to something else shorting or a huge power surge.


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