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SONY DVP-S9000ES dead

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Hello Everybody,

I could not resist the urge and got myself a PROJECT  ::) none working SONY DVP-S9000ES SACD/DVD/CD player. Was not expensive, and it was a local pickup.
I know that this is a "newer" device (2001?) and it's pretty complex, and it's a little above my electronic skills, but  I was hoping it would be something with standby PS or something along those lines, but it's not ... (?)
The unit is dead, not even on standby red LED... If anybody ever troubleshot this player before, I would love to hear your comments

Thank you!

The Service manual is available. (eg https://elektrotanya.com/sony_dvp-s9000es.pdf/download.html).  Check if there are the requisite voltages coming out of the PSU.  Check the fuse F101.

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, already have a Service manual, and I did some investigation, here is what we have so far:

From User manual, I learned that when DVD Player is plugged into the outlet and you press the Power button, you should get a red LED above the power button and when you press Eject, the device should be completely turned ON. (or via Remote, power on)

So I got very excited, that ahaaa missing standby +5V somewhere!, but no (those you see in YT videos only  :(
Power from the wall gets on the first board that they call AC-113, that board also has the relay that we need to click.

AC-113 also has 5V reg that is working, and that 5V travels via CN106 to board FR-172, where we have some type of voltage doubler that makes that 5V to 30V I get those voltages too on the board connector. All voltages are there on FR-172 every IC and transistor w/voltage markings are OK

I am looking for something called P.CONT on pin2 of that CN106 so I can turn power relay on

I hope it's not some kinda of microprocessor (I see one down in the chain board FL-114 IC204) DVD player is built with super high-quality components, I don't think I have a leaky capacitor!!!

Two questions:
- what is triggering that standby RED LED?
- how do you know in this type of schematic what voltage is there always, and what voltage after unit is ON 

Thank you.


you have a fail signal pin who would trigger   if i recall  on the schematic

but cant recall if it detect a 50 or 60hz presence, and trigger an Fail  if theses are not detected

and yes  you have an always there 5vdc ...if this one is dead ... nothing will work

the mcu as to drive the pcont  pin  to make the relay click and power up the xformer  etc ... 

yes this  cd player  is complex ,  it's from the Esprit series  ... they where  high tech at the time  loll

you have section 3-10 and 3-11   who explain the power block sections

but i would say,   if you don't have enough knowledge   .... or understanding  it may be difficult

trouble shoot  and don't change parts for nothing, you'll get nowhere

I would operate the relay by temporarily connecting its pin 3 or the collector of Q101 to ground.  That should power everything up and the display.  If yes then see if all the controls (except power on/off) work.  If they do than your problem is confined to why the relay is not being operated.  But if the unit is not responding to buttons/remote control then more likely the control microprocessor is more widely involved.

The P.CONT signal comes from pin 24 of IC204 on page 4-79.  The signal passes though the board on page 4-85/86.  That IC204 feeds  the display pins.  Check the Ever+5 and Ever+3.3 voltages on pins 5, 7 and 8 of CN201, page 4-79.


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