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Hold the phone, I just fixed the problem entirely on my 1271Q and the fix is so simple it actually physically hurts me how deep I dove into this. The N PIN AMP RV805 potentiometer on mine went bad. The literal first thing I did for diagnostics was cleaned all the pots with deoxit to rule out dirty/bad contact on the exposed surface pots but of course this pot is broken in some other physical manner that Deoxit won't fix. Its resistance has drifted from 0-330ohms range -> 100K to Megaohms range. I replaced it with a 150ohm pot I had laying around and everything immediately was corrected (to the extent 150ohms can - I need to find a full 330 range pot to correct the pinamp the remaining amount). The waveform out of Q806 looks great now, the raster width fills the whole screen, and I have control of pincushion adjustment.  :rant: :palm:

So to everyone with this problem - CHECK EVERY D BOARD POT OUT OF CIRCUIT, STARTING WITH THE N PIN AMP AND U PIN AMP. PULL THEM FROM THE BOARD AND MEASURE THEIR MIN AND MAX RANGE. If they don't fall within the range on the schematic, throw them away and get new ones. God I want the last 3 weeks of my life back  :-DD

Edit: I posted more repair info here on my website: https://crtdatabase.com/crts/sony/sony-pvm-1271q#repair-notes

This is great news!  I will try this asap and report back as well.  I think/hope I have some pots that will fit!


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