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Sony TV Thick Vertical Line on Panel

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I have a 3 year old Sony TV.  I realized today it has a thick darkening line going through the screen as seen in the attachments. I suspect it is the LEDs that burned out. I hope it is just the. LEDs because if it is the panel,  it would be really hard to replace. Cons of 50 i. TV right? I wondered what it wouldbe. Help will be much appreciated. Thank you! 

Here is the other picture that I failed to upload *facepalm*

This is definitely not faulty backlight but most probably LCD itself.

maybe not a good secure connection on a ribbon cable? or maybe just that one decoder is failing, in which case the whole panel needs to be replaced.

The edges look extra-ordinarily crisp, it's hard to believe the leds have such well defined beams. On the other hand how could a problem with the panel cause such weird slanted edges? It obviously doesn't line up with the column or row electrodes.


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