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Please help me identify this component (BD1)

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Last night, I connected my Creative SoundBlaster Jam BT headset to charge and I heard a pop sound accompanied with the smell of a burnt component. I opened up the headphone to find the circuit shown in the attachement. It seems to be a protection circuit but I have no idea. Would you be able to help me find out what this component is so that I can repalce it ? It seems to have been labeled as BD1 which is next to another component that is ESD1.

I am assuming both ESD1 and BD1 are diodes. However, when I used the diode test function on my multimeter and ESD1 showed nothing. It did show a stable 200kOhm resistance though.

Any help would be appreciated.


You should check the other side of the PCB for damaged components. Also confirm that your charger is outputting the correct voltage.

Sorry, I realized that I was not being clear. BD1 had completely burned hence there is nothing there (I wiped it with a tiny bit of IPA). There is nothing unusual on the back the of the circuit. It appears that BD1 is the only element that completely burned.

Best wishes

Here are internal photos from the FCC web site:


The damaged component does not appear to have a stripe, so it may not be a diode.

There appears to be another BD0 (or BD8?) part connected to VBAT- (near switch S1 on the other side). Try measuring that.

There is also a BD2 (or 6D2?) near J1.

I suspect that BDn are EMI Suppression Ferrite Beads:


There are other ESDn components adjacent to each switch. Measure those.

Here is the datasheet for the main IC:

CSR8635, Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited, Bluecore single-chip Bluetooth ROM audio solution:

Might be diode bridge

 TVS diode for ESD protection might be labeled/abbreviated ESD, it is a kind of Zener diod


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