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Stag ZL30/ZL32 information
« on: October 31, 2018, 10:53:16 pm »

I have two ZL30A programmers which I am trying to repair. They can handle Signetics 82S1xx devices. One of them passes the self test and talks to the DOS program. But when trying to read a 82Sxxx device, there are no supply/program voltages present on the specific socket (and the problem is not a connection problem from socket to main pcb). I have the operator manual, but unfortunately this is without any schematics. It is quite a complicated 4 layer board and not much is socket-ed. And there are a lot of components. Number two has more problems and i cannot keep it switched on for at moment to compare (a resistor in a driver circuit gets too hot and no display).

I found four test points on the board. One to three give 5V, number four 0V on the first programmer. Bit suspicious, but i think these voltages change according to the specific device and operation (looks like they are generated by a number of DACs + driver circuits).

Would be great if anyone has any info on these things, which could help me fix them. I know about Matthieu Benoit's site, the latest ZL30A addition on it comes from me  :)



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