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Switching power supply conversion 110 in 220


I have a switching power supply designed to run the "Camping cooler" that use a peltier thermoelectric cooler, TEC1-12706 in the 110 V sector, and I want to convert it for the 220V sector. I attached the diagram. I will replace the capacitors C9 and C1 with 400V and add a resistor of 1M ohm in series with R2. I ask your help in confirming this change.
2nd question can i use the set of triac and bridge diode like the image below, thanks in advance

ambrosia heart:
". I will replace the capacitors C9 and C1 with 400V"
If I were you, I could not do this. You can do it and it, SMPS,
will work some time. It breaks finally. Believe it or not.
You will seek help in here after it breaks. Can you repair
it after it bresks?  Negative, of course.

it's funny  :-DD

Very good chance it will just release the magic smoke. Transformer turns ratio, the breakdown voltage of other components like diodes and especially the switching transistor, etc. Lots to consider, pretty much end up re-engineering the whole power supply by the time you're done.

Replace the entire power supply with one suitable for 220V, or get a step-down transformer.


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