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TDS3000 series CCFL upgrade to LED

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Just sharing this.
Used a standard CCFM conversion kit from Banggood.
Worked out very well.


Note: when cutting the strips down to size, be sure to reduce the current proportionately by using a 1k pot on the dimmer line.
The LED's are arranged in groups of 3 series , each group is in parallel.
You will need to pull the 'enable line' high to activate the converter.

The Tek 3000 series CCFL is powered from +5V which can't be used, so you you will need to locate +14v on the main control board, pins 5 & 6 if recall correctly (pin 1 is ground).

End result is a massive improvement over the old CCFL.
But you loose the brightness control from the instrument, not a big deal to be honest.


Very nice! :-+

Loosing the brightness control would bother me just on principal. I've never looked at the signal that controls that, is it just PWM? It may just be a matter of hooking up a wire to make that work. Certainly there are lots of LED drivers with PWM brightness controls, I've used the PT4115 IC and it has both PWM and analog support.

I haven't checked but from memory it should be possible to add brightness control:


yep it should be.

The Banggood controller board can be adjusted with a DC level between 0 and 3 volts.
So even if the Scope generated PWM, a PWM converter board or even filter could be used.

Buy honestly I never had the need to adjust the brightness, but I guess that it would be handy if you used the scope in portable mode.


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