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[SOLVED] Tektronix 7000B series upgrade difference D845 vs D865 - TVIA 5202G

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Per Hansson:

--- Quote from: charlyd on July 10, 2022, 10:55:43 am ---so that is fixed too.  back too the TDS7154B with the (upgraded)  D865 board like i saw in denimdragons unit... Who can clear this up? do my D865 boards both need a recap job, what i don t believe caps are no bulgie. I guess  boards are from later version. so despite they are booting great (with pci card installed?) my display in the scope don t lite up when unit is powered on. As my boards don t start native on the bench
--- End quote ---
Please see my reply in your thread on Badcaps:

@feedback.loop yes yes tried the default setup. tried the optimized setup
tried complete reset/clear with the cr2032 lifted.

@Per hansson: you mean the issues written in the P25 new fixes/features.
new Fixes/Features:
- Updated VBios to Build 1235.
- Fixed and issue of not defaulting video to the proprietary video card.
- Fixed and issue of POST code D0 hang when proprietary video card is installed and
CMOS is corrupt.

yes yes i have seen them but the bios version of demindragon his board was P17. and working ok.

Today i discovered something i pulled out the PCI card and connected a HDD. Guess what the board booted.   |O

so i still don t have a picture on the scope yet but. the board on the bench works... SSD drives don t give enough load on the psu. and what happens in the scope i will come back on that one.  but there is a difference between  HDD and SSD in combination with specific psu's.

so now still curious about the config inside the TDS7154B with board installed and bridge /video card.

[update] after many hours of searching in both a unit with D845 and D865 ...i found some differences like the alu. bottom plate for the windowsPC board. but there is more...i found out why the D865 doesn t give a picture. it looks to me it is a matter of a video card difference  both TVIA CYBERPRO 5202G card. Swapping arround the cards made a difference...but when looking at the cards close up (see pictue) you see there is a different  board selection arround  R0111,R0112,R0114,R0115.
both have a different  R0 selection. can that be the clue?

i am curious if there are other card numbers/selections.
664-5632-00 (679-5632-C0)
664-5970-01 (679-5970-01)
i will figure out the video bios versions later.


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