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[SOLVED] Tektronix 7000B series upgrade difference D845 vs D865 - TVIA 5202G

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hello i am working on a project to get a new motherboard in my tek scope. this board is a INTEL D865 board with a intel bios loaded.
from what i discovered with the bios i have loaded the board doesn t start up without any cards installed. when i put in a pci VGA card or so the board fires up.

from a video i saw from "feedback.loop" i saw his orignal board powers up without any card in it. so i want to try to flash that bios in my board. if anybody can help me with the bin file or exe from the the tektronix TDS5054B-NV equipt with the D865 board.

see picture: bios with Tektronix logo.

can any body with this model scope equipt with a D865 board help me out with a bios flie export?
thanks very much .

If somebody has a non booting/parts board original tektronix for sales, please contact me.

i am very interested, so please DM me.

The snapshot from my video is from the second video about repairing the original Tektronix board. So it shows the original board.
The replacement Intel board had a Gateway splash screen, and I showed it in the first video.
Both boards should be able to start up with no cards installed assuming they have VGA integrated, which both of my boards did. Why wouldn't they start up? I doubt that you need another version of BIOS for that.


--- Quote from: charlyd on June 29, 2022, 08:35:54 pm ---If somebody has a non booting/parts board original tektronix for sales, please contact me.

i am very interested, so please DM me.

--- End quote ---

What happened to yours? Do you still have it?

no i never had it. but for me it is for a TDS7000 series with an orginal  D845GVAD2 board.

why to a D865 board:
     - more memory slots (4GB possible)
     - just one slice newer  :-+
     - 2 sata connectors  ( i got the unit without a drive and saw it is SCA-80 connected drive ) so i decide to go for SSD direct on the board, to speed up boottime.
     - layout is quit the same so it is just swapping.

but what i discovered is:

The bios from the D845GVAD2 and D865GLC are so good as the same in the menu's inside the bios but the missing hardware on the D845 should make the bios different and i dont want to try. 
I have 2 D865 boards, one is original Lecroy and one is original Intel desktop.

but when playing arround with the boards on my bench, i discovered that the D865 both have booting problems when there is no disk or no pci card installed.
so both these board don t boot up native(=with just onboard video and psu/cpu/1gb mem installed.)

from what i saw in your movie your board boots up native without any problems so i am very curious to the bios difference if there is any.

But  from what i saw from my orginal D854GVAD2 board it also boots up native.  so i gues tek has custom settings??

so now i want to flash in the (D865) TDS5054B.BIO file in one of my board to see and compare.  For those people who want:

    - the Original Intel desktop .bin file (512Kb)
    - the Orginal Lecroy .Bin                ( 512Kb)
    - the Orginal Tektronix.bin   ( if somebody can help me with an export)
Files will be attach here later.

because i socketted my bios chips on both board.  simple job. and very easy for repair and support. so i took a copy with the programmer. (wellon)


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