Author Topic: SNES with black screen: capacitor replacement and component identification  (Read 362 times)

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Hi community

I'm in need of your expertise again. My trusty SNES that I owned since childhood has developed a fault where it doesn't output a video signal over the multi-av output anymore (but it does via RF out).

I opened it up and noticed capacitor juice near some of the caps around the video output. Apparently after some googling C59 (on the SNSP-CPU-01 board which I have) is supposed to be a bipolar capacitor.

I'm going to replace all the surface mount electrolytics, but there is another issue:

On the other side, a component called DA18 has blown. I'm no EE, therefore my question: what's a DA designated component? I imagine this is what's causing the video output fault?

See attachment for the blown component. Any help which part I need to replace this with is appreciated.


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I've never seen a DA reference designator before but they are probably either transistors or diodes. One of the nearby parts has "9D" stamped on it which crosses to a list of stuff, a likely candidate being PLVA659A, a zener diode in a SOT23 package.

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According to schematic it is a dual diode (common cathode) DAN202. You can actually buy them from distributors. "DA" might stand for "diode analog"? Not sure. It is hard to guess what other damage there might be. My guess that there will be more components damaged. Also some PCB vias look black, possible corrosion there. But you can start with diode replacement (buy more, not just 1).
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"DA" = Diode Array ?

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Hi all

thanks for your replies! I cleaned up the board from the corrosion and replaced the capacitors with non surface-mount capacitors I had in my spares box.

The broken dual diode measured ok, so I attempted to power the SNES on and it works again.

I imagine the diode's life has been shorted though so I'd like to order some spares in case it breaks later.

Is this the correct one? I noticed that there's different types. The one in the SNES have A6 printed on them, but I don't think it means anything.


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