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TDS754D front BNC connector replacement

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Anyone have replaced the BNC connector on these model? I have the part number in the service manual but i found no datasheet on these and no one seem to have any in stock with the original part number. i did some research on ebay but i don't find the exact part number...

tektronix part number : 131–1315–00 CONN,RCPT,ELEC:BNC,FEMALE
Mfr code : 24931
Mfr part number : 28JR235–1

If any one know a replacement for this or have some i will be interested, i need to replace all the front bnc connector.

Thanks !!

I have found something similar ... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tektronix-131-1315-01-Connector-BNC-Female-Bulkhead-Mount-/390521412055?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5aece3d9d7

I don't know if you have the Peltola style BNC. The seller might be able to give you details. He has helped me in the past.

The -01 option could mean anything, but at least it might be worth taking the unit apart and comparing it to the pics.

I am surprised that you want to replace all the BNC's.
Are they making intermittent contact with probes?
Are you using Tek or aftermarket probes?
I am aware Tek used a propriety taper pin and some other connectors would not make reliable contact. A recent thread OP had trouble finding a 4 mounting pin receptacle for his damaged Tek.
Are yours 2 or 4 mounting pins?
Have you tried: http://www.sphere.bc.ca/

All 4 bnc have the mating pin like in the picture the material is very damaged, there's no problem for now and i'm using a new Agilent and lecroy probe. 

Since i just got it i wanted to change the bnc at the same time when i will backup and socket the nvram, i just want to have them on hand to do it when i'm ready.

I'm waiting for Tek support to see if they have a part number i can use for that, i don't know if the last 2 digit matter and if can fit in the scope.

Sphere.bc.ca have alot of part but the most are for very old analog scope. I think i will need to explore the front panel to get an idea and check if i can find a replacement.

Stumbled on these:
Just in case they might do?


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