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Tear Down of IR Thermometer (testo 845)

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I can't tear down the IR Thermometer testo 845. It's faulty and I would like to repair it. I bought it very cheap on eBay althought it's a very expensive one (recommended retail price: ~1600US$):

Here a video where I try to explain the problem:

I can't explain myself how this thermometer was assembled. I already bent the housing very hard and i'm pretty sure it will break when I bend it harder.
I don't think the parts of the housing are glued together, because you can send this device to the manufacturer for repairing (too expensive for me and makes no fun   :-/O ).
I believe there must be a trick.  :-//
I can't find any service manual.

you pretty much covered all the bases
hmm, do you know any dentists/vets? xray could help


--- Quote from: Rasz on September 17, 2014, 04:30:40 pm ---you pretty much covered all the bases
--- End quote ---
Often I can't see the forest for the trees; maybe I missed here something  |O

--- Quote from: Rasz on September 17, 2014, 04:30:40 pm ---do you know any dentists/vets? xray could help
--- End quote ---
Thats a really good advice! Unfortunately not; I know an engineer of xray machines, but he retired two years ago

I bought this faulty and unbreakable thermometer ... what have I done?!  :scared:

I'd say the back needs to come off before the sides. perhaps there are some hiding screws above the screen or a clip that comes unclipped when inserting a shim into the slot below the screen.
have you tried sliding any parts up or down instead of levering away from the case.
lost count of the amount of gear I've given a brutal beating only to discover they slide or unclip with a shim

good luck

Shine a good light in the holes and see if there are more concealed screws your missing.
Especially where that sensor is there could be a screw way inside there, it looks like the plastic is anchored there. Check the battery compartment looking upwards as well.

It makes sense the sides come off as where there are electronics between parts they have to run wires, so lifting the back off would involve some long looms which is unlikely. For that same reason I don't believe the LCD panel should be removable that way. I would think it would be fixed by screws or clips to a PCB on the inside.

Also look along the seams for breaks in the plastic indicating pressure points.


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