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Hello ,
     Listing Below are some of the technical books meant for core repair technicians .These cover repairs in consumer electronics , computers IT products And mobile phones .I do not focus on mobile phones but i can get some of them and list here  .All these books are english editions .We ship worldwide and can take orders here also .You can also PM me if you have a requirement for the same  .Computer Repairing Books

The Insight " Learn To Repair Desktop Motherboars + Laptop Motherboards "

This Book Is Everything That You Could Not Learn Even In the Best Of Technical Schools .This Teaches You Motherboard Repairing "Yes You Heard It Correct " .You Learn And Understand How a Desktop And Laptop Motherboard Works And How You Have To Check And Repair All The Sections of The Motherboard .We Ship This Worldwide And Accept Paypal Too  .

Pricing : 37.25 USD "Approx " + Shipping "I Will Check Shipping And Revert Back "

Computer Printer Repairing "Covers Dot Matrix , Deskjet And Laser Printer "

This Book covers chiplevel repairs of three types of printers  .The dot matrix  , inkjet and laser type printers .This has proper introduction to all sections + chip level repair details for the same also  .The repair principal used in this book is the basis of repairing for all type of printers . 

Pricing : 33.52 USD "Approx " + Shipping "I Will Check Shipping And Revert Back "

CRT And LCD Monitor Repairing " Chip Level "

This Book starts With the concepts of CRT Monitors "Well repairing and understanding CRT " is according to me little hard  . Then it has chip level sections of the same .The same is repeated from the middle of the book till the end for LCD monitors  .The LED monitors are not covered but they operate just the same way as LCD minus the inverter section  .I find this book useful .

Pricing : 18.61 USD "Approx " + Shipping "I Will Check Shipping And Revert Back "

Some Thoughts From Me :  When i started to hunt for these type of books i was shocked to find that good content was not available .Then i was thrilled to find a few publications in my country having such books but i was deeply sad when i reached my distributor .He said "Amarbir "  lots of titles are not published anymore as people have started reading more online .Well can we replace books for online content .Books are so easy to read and grasp .Well i had a heavy heart that day .The though was "Gone are those days Amarbir  :-[ You have grown old " 

      I Plan To Add the cover page of all the books i have on the first post and then Table of contents in different posts ,Like this The thread would not be that garbled  .

The Insight " Learn To Repair Desktop Motherboars + Laptop Motherboards "

Selling that printer book for 350 Rs which is what $6 USD on eBay?


--- Quote from: Shock on December 17, 2012, 10:56:39 am ---Selling that printer book for 350 Rs which is what $6 USD on eBay?

--- End quote ---

     i have Approx 40+ books listed on my ebay store .Just for selling in india .If i have to sell international Approx 20 USd Is For EMS Speed Post  .So i Am Only Targetting a Few Books For International Selling .If Anyone needs anything to post here i will work out the best rates and post it here  .although i understood the post ,you were saying why its expensive here .

the link -> http://stores.ebay.in/lynx-india/Electronic-Electrical-Books-/_i.html?_fsub=3264663012&_sid=91738022&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322

Hmm interested in two of the books PM sent.


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