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Technics SL7 won’t auto-stop after playing 45s/singles

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I’ve spent the day dismantling, cleaning, lubricating the tonearm mechanism of an old SL7 I bought recently. It sounds fantastic - I’m delighted. (Thanks to everyone who out videos on YouTube!)

It works beautifully except after playing 45s it doesn’t auto-stop. It does with LPs. I thought it was to do with the auto-stop adjustment but it isn’t. The tonearm travels to exactly the same point  - in fact a bit further into the label on a 45 than on an LP.

So anyone know the problem? It can’t be to do with the tonearm mechanics. It must be that the deck recognises it’s a 45, changes speed and size but something doesn’t function properly.  Any ideas?

That does seem odd. Maybe check that the signal from the end switch really does change state when the end of the 45 RPM cycle is reached.

Another thing to try is run the 12" disc at 45 RPM and the 7" disc at 33 RPM and see what the behaviour is. Does the lack of end stop follow the speed or the disc size?

Good idea! Will try F report back.

* will try it and report back!

Hi, I did some checking:
 - 33rpm & 45rpm 12" records play and auto stop perfectly
- 33rpm & 45rpm 7" records start perfectly but don't auto stop
- when the turntable recognises it's playing 7" record at whatever speed, it won't auto stop.

So the optical sensors know to start a 7" record in the right place but somehow deactivate (or don't activate) the auto stop mechanism.

I'm probably being dim but I can't spot the problem. Any ideas?


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