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Techniques for desoldering a PGA chip

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I'm planning to desolder a 128 pin PGA chip with a Hakko 301 gun, and need a bit of help.

Before trying the real thing, I decided to practice on a junk board with a PGA chip - but I don't seem to be pulling the the solder clear of the hole, even if I add fresh 60/40 first and hold the board vertically. That said - I'm pretty wary of overheating the joint, and trying to keep the nozzle directly off the pad.

Can anyone offer advice?

Preheating the board will help a great deal, especially if large internal ground/power planes are involved.

Also, flux helps the solder to flow. Apply liberally, under the IC too if you can pour some in there.

Use a hot air gun (station) IMHO the best way

hot air to desolder a pga   lolll  you'll burn the board before it gets out,   you need to pre heat the board  Ie: give the ''pcb traces mass'' some help the get the solder out easily with an solder pump

Good flux will help  and  add flux many times as needed ... and yes adding  some 60/40   can / could help

But  you should practice on old or dead boards  before doing so

I do pga  without any problems, i work on chineeses pcb  with rohs solder (shitty)   have to refresh the soler with 60/40, and my Hakko desoldering pump is checked  tons of time to get it in optimal shape and maximum ''suction power"  i use some kleenex in place of the round filter pads in the handle,  since they tend to jam  very often, and the darn handle ''solder capture spring'' is removed

I heat the pins aroud 2-3 seconds max  and suck the solder

my 2 cents

Lots of flux, a good hand  and practice make you better ...


--- Quote from: Peacefrog on January 08, 2022, 12:36:15 am ---I'm planning to desolder a 128 pin PGA chip with a Hakko 301 gun

--- End quote ---

Which bit do you want to preserve - the PGA chip or the PCB?


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