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Hi all,i have a tek 2215 just delivered from ebay in a crusty condition,i want to get inside of it to clean it,trouble is the service manual says remove the 2 screws holding the rear cover,then slide the cover off,i have done this but it seems solid!,am i missing something here,i dont want to break anything,tia paul m3vuv.

dont worry about this,i have the covers off,there was a srew in one side i haddnt spotted,while im in there are there any caps that i should change,ie riffa etc?.

If it's not brokem, I wouldn't fix it.

David Hess:
Before you continue, double check whether it is a 2215 or 2215A; they are very different instruments, and the service manuals are not interchangeable.

it isnt the a version,im more concerned with doing some preventitive maintenance while i have it apart realy.


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